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Berger Specialty Co.
PO Box 861922
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Phone: (213) 316-8783

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How We Started

     Sol Berger founded and opened Berger Specialty Co. in September of 1938, working alone until he gained help from his wife Fannie.  Twenty five years later, Sol´s daughter, Pearl, took ownership of the business with help from her sisters Carrie and Lee and Fannies' sister, Beatrice.  It was this group of women who were so important to the initial growth of the company and throughout the years. When Pearl got married, her husband Ken became a part of the Berger family and soon the business was in his control. In 1983, Ken and Pearl's son Barry Rubin took ownership with his wife Vickie. The business is now exclusively online and is managed by their sons Torey and Cody Rubin the fourth generation in the family.

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Previous Locations
  Berger Specialty Co. was established in 1938, but it was not called Berger Specialty Co. until 1941.  It was first headquartered out of the garage and laundry room of the Berger family residence on Sycamore Street in Los Angeles. The first office location was set up in the garage of the family residence on Palm Grove Ave, also in Los Angeles. In 1938 the first office opened at 754 S. Los Angeles St.  Then in 1942, the first official store opened at 211 E. 8th St., and finally in 1972, needing more space, the business was moved to 8th and Maple in the fashion district. In Novemeber of 2014 Bergers closed its store location and now sells exclusively online.
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