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Fantastic plastic beads and plastic pearls.  Great colors, used in many craft and children's projects.
Plastic Beads are lightweight and fun, Great shapes and colors to choose from.
Plastic buttons for embellishment or function.
Plastic cameos to make your own broach.
Plastic beads in a drop shape.
Plastic, wiggly eyes for craft projects.
Plastic beads and jewels with a flat back.
Plastic flower and leaf shaped beads.
Metallic coated plastic beads are a great way to have a metal look yet stay lightweight.
No need for stringing, these beads are molded to the strand. Sold by the yard.
Plastic pearl drops. Re-create that vintage look.
Half round plastic pearls with no holes and a flat back.
Inexpensive plastic pearl beads.
Japanese plastic pearls have a high quality, shimmery, iridescent finish.
These small plastic pearl beads have no hole.
Corsage pins made of stainless steel with a pearl top. High quality, made in Japan.
Pony beads, sometimes called crow beads, have a large hole and come in a variety of bright colors.
Plastic Beads
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