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All of our crystal products are made exclusively by Swarovski Crystal in Austria.  Includes bi-cones, spacer beads, rhinestones and point back stones.
Swarovski crystal rhinestone trim. Used on clothing, hats and wedding cakes.
Double-pointed Swarovski crystal beads.
Swarovski crystal buttons.
Round, faceted, crystal balls, made by Swarovski. ART #5000
Pave beads have pointed back Swarovski crystals set into the bead. They are part of Swarovski's "Beadelle" collection.
Swarovski made crystal pendants make the perfect centerpiece on a necklace.
Pointed back, Swarovski made crystals.
Swarovski made, flat-back rhinestones. Glue them on or use with the same size Rim or Tiffany setting.
Hotfix rhinestones have a special glue on the back that adheres to fabric or material when heated. Also known as heat transfer.
Rhinestone rimmed settings.
Metal balls set with point back Swarovski rhinestones.
Swarovski crystal rhinestones set into metal spacers.
Swarovski crystals with one or more holes, made for sewing. This category includes Lochrosen, Margarites and other Swarovski jewels.
Swarovski made crystal spacer beads.
Swarovski crystal beads in a square shape. These beads, #5601, have one hole in the middle.
Swarovski Crystal
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